“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to create the conditions in which they can learn”

Albert Einstein


Government legislation, changes in funding and fluctuation in school populations can all have a major impact upon the ability of schools to maintain teaching excellence. Our company helps school Head Teachers and Site Managers by creating the very best physical conditions in which pupils can learn; we adapt and create spaces that extend learning environments; we upgrade kitchens to allow for increased hot meal provision; we improve toilet and washroom facilities, in other words we expand the ability of schools to respond effectively and efficiently to change. We understand that the safety of staff and pupils is paramount and we structure our work to cause minimum disruption, the speediest completion and optimum outcomes.

Davies were Sefton Councils nominated contractor to upgrade over 35 school kitchens in 2014.

Case Study

Greenacre Nursery, Bootle

Construction of a single storey extension

Opportunity: Government legislation to increase nursery provision for parents was a business opportunity that Greenacre Nursery sought to embrace, but existing accommodation constrained the numbers of pupils the Nursery could accept.

Activity: Davies constructed a single-storey extension adjoined to the nursery, comprising a classroom with washing and changing facilities. Davies also upgraded the external play area to incorporate flagging, AstroTurf and safety fencing.

Results:  Not only is Greenacre Nursery now able to accommodate increased numbers and grow its business, it is providing a more attractive and enjoyable environment for existing pupils.

Case Study

Larkfield School, Southport.

School Kitchen Refurbishment

Opportunity: Larkfield School Kitchen provides seven local schools, including its own pupils, with hot meals every day of the working week. Staff were struggling to cope in a kitchen that was 40 years old, and was designed, laid-out and equipped to cater for many fewer students.

Activity: Working in conjunction with the Local Authority, Davies completely redesigned, refurbished and re-fitted the kitchen.

Results: The refurbished kitchen now produces meals for an increased number of pupils. The additional space and equipment has resulted in greater efficiencies, a more cost effective service, seven satisfied schools, happier kitchen staff and many contented children.